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There is a way of life unique to Millbrae.  For those who call this home, Millbrae is a safe and friendly community with a small town feel.  We have excellent schools. People are friendly.  We benefit from being close to just about everything, including public transportation, the airport, the City, the Pacific Ocean, the Sierra and the wine country.  Our downtown is an increasing draw and holds great promise as it continues to develop.  Nearby, beautiful trails allow us to walk, bike or jog to peaceful natural surroundings to recreate and enjoy.  We are fortunate to live among such abundant resources.  Along with those positives are the challenges to our every day quality of life. The high cost of living, traffic, overcrowding, and pollution cause economic and other stresses for us all.  Statewide cutbacks create deficits locally for programs and services.  These issues affect us all.  Despite those factors, life in Millbrae is still one in which we can be proud. We have weathered Mother Nature and the recent budget crisis. Our community is thriving.

The Millbrae Community Foundation wants to help ensure that, as a community, we continue to thrive for many generations to come.  The Foundation needs to grow in order to provide support for the programs mentioned above and others that address the most pressing needs.  Contributions to the Millbrae Community Foundation represent an investment in the community – and every citizen is invited to become a Founding Donor.




The Millbrae Community Foundation is a non-profit 501 C (3) corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Founded in 1996, it was created to provide support, assistance and encouragement to the citizens of Millbrae in order to benefit the youth, adults and seniors who reside in Millbrae.

An objective of the Foundation is to build an endowment and raise funds in order to make grants for programs and services that improve the quality of life in Millbrae. The Foundation is a vehicle through which the community can express itself – through volunteerism, charitable projects, and participation in community events and meetings. The Foundation provides an avenue for donors to support civic, cultural, educational, health, historic, recreational and social activities in the community for people of all ages.

The Foundation supports a variety of projects, allowing every citizen to be a philanthropist and “give back” to their community through support of the Millbrae Community Foundation.

What We Do:

The Foundation was formed to support programs and capital projects necessary to meet the needs of the residents of Millbrae.  Initially, a small group of dedicated community leaders led the foundation and supported the unmet emergency needs for those affected by winter storms, directed philanthropic support for the senior van program and provided assistance for improvements to our local schools.

Now, a Board of Directors with renewed commitment is ready to take the organization to a higher level of impact. MCF priorities have been set in conjunction with public opinion gained from focus group meetings. They are as follows:  

  • Support programs that include, but are not limited to, providing assistance for life’s basic needs and beyond through meal programs, senior outreach, programs for children, youth & families, public safety and the preservation of open space in the community to name a few.
  • Partner with other organizations to develop a deep sense of community in Millbrae, bringing people together around events that reflect our unique diversity and celebrate the many cultural heritages present in our city.
  • Promote activities that encourage city-wide participation and civic engagement by both residents and businesses alike, providing a forum for meeting, sharing and exchanging ideas, airing views and developing positive resolutions.​​
Denis Fama


Lynne Ferrario

Vice President

Catherine Quigg



Our vision is to create a Millbrae:

  • Where there are established and well-maintained programs that provide support, assistance and encouragement to the people of Millbrae;

  • Where those in emergency need, from the families of fallen public safety officers to those who fall prey to natural or man-made disasters, are supported through their time of need;

  • Where families with low and moderate income find improvement of their lifestyle;

  • Where senior citizens participate in programs that provide fellowship and enjoyment to the quality of their life;

  • Where youth are involved in community projects that promote pride and provide needed improvements, helping them to understand the importance of their part in the community;

  • Where community organizations work cooperatively to support programs in education and training, leveraging resources to maximize community impact for the benefit of all;
  • Where the community of Millbrae embraces and celebrates its diversity through wide participation and civic engagement by residents and businesses;
  • Where a strongly spirited community of youth, adults and seniors can unite their talents and resources to expand services and programs and to develop capital improvement projects needed for the implementation of programs.