community foundation

The process to develop a community foundation started following a Park & Recreation meeting in September of 1994, when Pam Reliford approached R. Terry Bauer with the idea of forming a foundation for Millbrae's needs. In the following months, Terry attended workshops in Sacramento and visited local and state-wide foundation(s) for a basis and a place to start. On February 7, 1995, in a letter signed by Bob Lustinberger, the City of Millbrae formally requested to commence the official foundation process.

In April 1995, Karla McElroy suggested adding Millie Bishop to the effort and then Millie requested including Victor Graff and Kay Runkle. Millie acted as the chair person of the committee to form a community foundation. Victor Graff was the vice-chair and Kay Runkle was the unofficial secretary.

The four (Victor, Kay, Millie, and Terry) met somewhat regularly to produce the required founding documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, mission statement, applications, etc.) and  successfully submitted everything to the Federal Government.

On August/September of 1998, the Federal Government official accredited the Foundation and granted our official 501.c.3 non-profit status. Terry Bauer and Millie Bishop presented the Foundation to the City of Millbrae at a City Council Meeting on September 22, 1998.

The first foundation officers, as listed on the original formal submittal to the Federal Government and the founders of the Millbrae Community Foundation were: President – Millie Bishop, Vice President – Victor Graff, Secretary – Kay Runkle, and Director – R. Terry Bauer. The position of treasurer was not yet required.

In January of 1999, the Foundation added Directors Paul Bourque (who is still a board member today), Marc Hershman, Caroline Shea and David Slosberg. In January of 2000, the Foundation added Director Dan Rogers, along with Trustees George Corey, Vince Muzzi, Michael Parker, and Joan Ryan. The following year, Art LePore joined as Assistant Treasurer and Lee Mahon joined as an advisor.

The above Officers and Directors remained in place until September 2004. In 2005, Cathy Quigg embraced the presidency after Millie passed away.

Founding member R. Terry Bauer designed and trademarked the MCF logo in 2007. It reflects the positive and constructive attitude of the Foundation while demonstrating our synergistic connection to the community of Millbrae.

The unique aspects represent:
1. Color Green: Growth, harmony, intellect, fertility, and environment. Green is also associated with money.
2. Color White: Light, wholeness, innocence, purity, and a transparency or honesty.
3. Color Yellow: The energy of the sun and optimism. It is meant to repeat Millbrae’s slogan, “A Place In the Sun.”
4. Color Gray: Neutrality and nonspecific as to gender or race.
5. Color Black: Black is required for all enclosed colors to have depth. In this case, black is also the symbol of strength.
6. The rectangular border(s) is actually not two concentric enclosures, with one
representing the City of Millbrae and the other representing the foundation; but rather, one continuous path, as with infinity or as one. MCF does not operate within the City of Millbrae; but rather, it functions to serve in contiguous association with the Millbrae Community.
7. The green outlined leaves appear to be white, but actually they are clear and represent a transparency or honesty, as well as symbolizing nature, fertility, growth, and life.
8. The white background represents wholeness, innocence and a purity that feeds the roots, the white trunk and the branches of the tree. The tree itself represents balance, learning, growth and harmony. Millbrae has been formally acknowledged as a “Tree City.” The trunk of the tree also represents strength, stability and structure, standing firm and
withstanding the greatest of challenges.
9. The figures demonstrate an interconnection and a co-existence between the groups and organizations of our community and its people. The gray-colored figures are meant to be non-gender and non-race specific, with their arms and heads motioning upwards in a positive and optimistic gesture. The figures are also representative of adulthood and youth (as per their individual proportions) and they appear to be connected, symbolizing an intergenerational relationship.
The posture of the black legs reveal the body language of vigor and liveliness and those legs also form a free spirited but stable “M” for Millbrae.
10. The green background symbolizes the green grass of our fields and open spaces. It also represents recreation and our concerns for our environment.
11. A wine glass is subtly demonstrated as a white or clear alternate background shape; formed by starting with the base of the trunk of the tree and ending at the top of the inner rectangle. This is meant to remind us of our proximity to the wine countries to the North and to the South of Millbrae and that wine glass gives recognition to Millbrae’s Annual Art & Wine festival.
12. This logo is not a two dimensional depiction of the relationship between the community and the foundation; but rather, it should be seen as a three dimensional model, synergistically looping and connecting the community of​ Millbrae.