MCF has donated over $185,000 to local projects since 2006!

Over the past years, we have contributed to...

7/10/19 Life Moves - Homeless Youth Education Program

4/15/19 City of Millbrae - Cultural Arts Committee Art Show

4/15/19 Millbrae School District - Lomita Park Anti-Bullying Program

9/13/18 Science from Scientists - STEM Education at Meadows Elementary School 

9/13/18: Millbrae Community Television - New Programming Computer Server

9/13/18: Hep B Free Bay Area - Health Education and Awareness Training

6/13/18: Crisis Intervention Services - Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse (CORA)

6/1/18: Annual scholarships to two graduating high school seniors 

1/24/18: $5,000 in improvements to the Rotary Park playground and park area

1/12/18:  Ten $100 giftcards to Millbrae families for the Holiday Season

6/1/17: Annual scholarships to two graduating high school seniors

7/13/16: ​​LifeMoves' summer programs for homeless children

7/13/16: ​Millbrae Community Television's documentary interviewing long time Millbrae residents

7/13/16: Driveway paving of the new Millbrae Historical Society carriage house

1/16/16: Renovated play yard for Millbrae Nursery School

11/18/15: New emergency kits for Lomita School

7/15/15: Child-sized chairs and tables for Life Steps Foundation Children & Family Services

7/15/15: iPad keyboards for Lomita School

7/15/15: ​Stipend fund for program & computer supplies and educational field trips for Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club

3/3/15: Spectrophotometer for Mills High School

11/20/14: Storage Shed for Cub Scout Pack 355

7/1/14: iPads for St. Dunstan School

12/18/13: Dictionaries for Elementary School Grades 3-4, Sponsored by Millbrae Rotary Club

12/9/13: Pop-up Canopy for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

7/13/13: Postcards from Millbrae Spring Valley Project; 4C Childcare Coordinating Council; crossing guards for St. Dunstan School.

5/13/13: "Street Alive, Parks Alive" for the City of Millbrae. Donation to Mills High Interact Club's Spring Festival. 

4/15/13: Spirit of Aloha Millbrae Community Youth Center Fundraiser, with the Rotary Club.

7/18/12: Boy Scouts Troop 355 camping equipment

7/15/12: Millbrae Rotary Club's Oktoberfest

11/22/11: Emergency Fund Permits, etc. for Rebuilding Together

7/1/11: Millbrae Community Youth Center construction

7/1/11:  St. Dunstan School crossing guards

9/12/10: Millbrae Community Television

7/30/09: Millbrae School District crossing guards

1/6/09: Millbrae Seniors Brown Bag Program and Second Harvest Food Bank

9/28/08: Millbrae Recreation Center's After School Teen Center

9/13/08: Josephine Waugh Park Improvements, with the Soroptimist International of Millbrae / San Bruno

5/21/08: Upgraded uniforms for Millbrae Volunteers in Policing ​

9/26/07: Millbrae Police Canine (K-9) Unit

5/24/07: Millbrae Recreation Department's Senior Health Faire

1/08/07: Millbrae Recreation Department's Senior Citizen Programs

7/15/06: Dragon costume for the Mills High School Dragon Team 

7/31/06: Mills High School tennis facility renovation

6/26/06: Millbrae Historical Society train museum fence 




community foundation




Millbrae Community Foundation purchased a cart  of iPad Airs for St. Dunstan School before the start of the 2014-2015 school year. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade have been using the iPads regularly in technology literacy class. The cart is also conveniently rolled into the classrooms, where it is used to supplement the grade-level curriculum.  

St. Dunstan students are excited about integrating the iPads into their classwork. There are several powerful and engaging apps available to students. The Educreations app takes advantage of the built-in cameras and microphone to add an interactive dimension to the learning experience. Students are using the app to submit detailed solutions to math problems, which can be diagrammed and narrated on the iPad. The solutions are then wirelessly mirrored to the classroom projector and presented to classmates. Other popular educational apps currently in use include: Starfall, Google Drive, Edmodo, and Tynker.


MCF provided $1000 for the building of a new shed for Cub Scout Pack 355, which began in June 2015.  The site required clean‐up of brush, old pallets,  removal of several large tree roots, and leveling.  The foundation construction consisted of laying pressure treated ground contact redwood 4x4s on cinder block foundations.  The 4x4s  were connected together with galvanized corner brackets.  Floor joists, beyond the shed instructions,  were hung across the foundation and braced from below with cinder blocks.  The additional joists and  bracing was in excess of what the instructions called for and provided for a much more stable floor.  ¾  inch plywood was used for the flooring.    During the construction of the foundation, the walls of the shed were pre‐fabricated.    Once the walls  were constructed they were secured in place.  Interior shelving was installed, then the roof joists and  sheathing and finally doors and window.  The roof was covered with tar paper and composite shingles.    

Construction took approximately 6 or 7 days over a period of two months due to availability of the dads  of the Pack.  Don Meiner acted as the project leader and engineer.  A special recognition goes to Johnson Woo.  He is  a very good carpenter and knows his way around a hammer.  Move in to the shed occurred in August much to delight of Julie Turner and Lisa Price as all the Cub  Scout containers left either their backyards or garages. Pack 355 heartily thanks MCF for the grant, and extends a tour of the shed to MCF members!

Read what former recipients have to say here:

"Thank you and the MCF Board for granting me a scholarship that helped with me attending university. My first year would have been much more difficult without the aid."

"College classes are difficult and competitive. I've had to come to terms with being an average student, but know that means that I am successful."

"I've had to get used to the amount of freedom I have. I don't have my parents to wake me up. This made me lazy at first, but it also forced me to take up more responsibilities for myself without being asked to."