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  • June 1:MCF is pleased to announce its $1000 scholarship winners. Congratulations to Jacquelyn Picazo from Capuchino and Nicolas Handoko from Mills! 

  • January 24:MCF matched a $5,000 grant from the Millbrae Rotary Club designated for improvements to Rotary Park's playground.

  • January 12: In December 2017, MCF gave $100 gift cards to 10 needy families in Millbrae. Director Anna Fairbank was in charge of distributing the cards. Anna said meeting the recipients and seeing their reactions was the best part of the job. Click here to see their reactions!
  • November 1, 2017: MCF was honored to be included and recognized as one of Millbrae's "Mover and Shakers" Foundations at the Millbrae Lions event to celebrate our schools and the organizations that support them.

  • ​​May 23, 2017: MCF has collected over $70,000 in donations for the new community center!  Donate today!


The Millbrae Community Foundation was created to enhance the lives of all who live in our community. We are a volunteer organization that raises money for and gives grants to projects that fulfill the unmet needs of our citizens. We work independently of government, and collaboratively with organizations that serve Millbrae and its people.

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